Unruly Camp Kids Learn A Little Respect

crucifyCamp Chippowa:  Unruly kids beware, starting Monday the crucifictions begin.  “Parents leave their kids here for the summer without a care in the world as to what we have to deal with.”  Camp counseler Mark Fink said during a recent press junket to the lakeside camp.  “We try everything we know in order to get them in line, but every year we end up doing something of biblical proportion.”

Rumor has it that this will be the first year crucificitions will be used as a disciplinary measure at Chippowa.   Last year’s controversial ‘Amphitheater Stonings’ left four conselors seriously injured when the unruly children interrupted the ritual by picking up the larger, sharper rocks and hurling them back.

“This’ll be a dry run.” Fink said, “But let’s see those little brats throw stones with their hands nailed to a four-by.”

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  1. Sprinkle Genie says:

    That Fink is a dumbass! I though everyone knew that you put the nail right below the wrist, not in the hand. With his way the nail will eventually just rip through the hand and the kid will fall down.

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