Sotomayor’s First Official Duty

sotomayorOn Sunday, shortly after her swearing in Ceremony in Washington, Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor held a brief, informal session with photographers and reporters.  During the discussion, the new Justice gave the gallery a glimpse of some of the practices she will introduce to her office in the high court, in her words, “Just as soon as it’s practical.”  Among these practices will be “Talk to the Hand Hour,” a time during which all staffers, assistants and other office personnel must begin a conversation, wait the requisite seven seconds as the justice raises her hand, and then… talk to the hand.  When questioned about this practice, Sotomayor revealed that “Talk to the Hand Hour” was a fixture in her previous position and would become one here as well.  In her delicate, but clear voice she set the story straight, “Sometimes you got to talk to the hand, ’cause the face is tired of hearing.”

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